The Constitute! interviewer Sally Armstrong releases her new book!

Sally Armstrong

Sally Armstrong

The Ascent of Women tells the dramatic and empowering stories of change-makers and examines the stunning courage, tenacity and wit that women are using to change gender inequality. It is the story of a dawning of a new revolution, written in mud-brick houses in Afghanistan; on Tehrir Square in Cairo; in the forests of the Congo, where women still hide from their attackers; and in a shelter in northern Kenya, where 160 girls between 3 and 17 are pursuing a historic court case against a government who did not protect them from rape. Sally Armstrong brings us these voices from the barricades, inspiring and brave. The book features the work of Canadian Women for Women in Afghanistan and Dr Sima Samar.

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Constitute! screening

Constitute! screens at Emory Law School in Atlanta, Georgia as the first film in the Vulnerability and Human Condition Film Series, Jan 31, 2013.

CONSTITUTE – Screening (PDF)

Constitute! on the 30th anniversary of the Constitution

Constitute! will be screened as part of the University of Windsor’s Distinguished Visitor in Women’s Studies series for 2012. The UWWS is celebrating 30 years of the Charter with a variety of community and campus based events.

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